Developmental edits: I edit your book for style, flow, consistency, and can make suggestions for story development. For historical fiction and historical romance, I can provide a degree of fact-checking and offer suggestions for research if desired.

Two complete pass: $0.005 per word (one half cent per word. A 100,000 word manuscript would be $500.00)

Line edits: I proofread your book for spelling, grammar, missed words, and other cosmetic issues. Before we agree to a rate, I will review your book to give you an idea of how much editing it requires so you know up front how much your project will cost.

Light: $0.005 per word
Medium: $0.006 per word
Heavy: $0.007 – $0.009 per word

Both developmental and line edits: I go over your book twice for both developmental and line edits. Please contact for a quote. Discounts given for multiple services. 


Paperback formatting: I will format your book for paperback printing (through a service such as CreateSpace) using Microsoft Word. I will provide both a print-ready PDF and the formatted Word file so you can make any updates or amendments without having to reformat the file. $50

E-book formatting: Package includes PDF, Mobi, and ePub format. $50

Both paperback and e-book formatting: $75

*Formatting assumes book contains mainly text. For advanced formatting of picture or text books, please contact for quote. 

Cover Design

I will work with you to create a cover you love. You can help to choose art or stock photos, colors, background, fonts, and style if you wish, or I can suggest something for your project.

E-book cover: $100, plus any expenses incurred in securing usage rights for licensed materials, such as stock photos. (Example: $100 plus $30 stock photo = $130 total)

Paperback cover for KDP: $100

Both e-book and paperback cover: $150

The Full Monty

This full-service package covers everything you need, start to finish, including:

Developmental and line edits, two complete passes

E-book and print-ready paperback formatting for KDP

E-book and print-ready paperback cover

Whole package: $1000 for a 100,000 word book. Please contact for quote.


All prices listed in USD. Discounts given for multiple services. Please contact for exact quote. 

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